Clash of Chefs VR

Clash of Chefs VR is a virtual reality cooking competition game. In this fun and exciting kitchen you can prepare different cuisine dishes and serve hungry customers. Enjoy many levels and restaurants, practice your cooking skills and show your desire to be the best!

The game was published under the Flat Hill Games publishing label that is owned by Propter.

The project was funded by the Serbian Innovation Fund:


ScioXR is a VR/AR platform that contains immersive learning games and experiences that empower students to adopt the knowledge by doing (experiencing). The project is open source and was funded by Unicef Innovation Fund.


VR Training and Onboarding apps

We have developed a platform that we have used to gamify the onboarding and training experienced in companies. All materials from the onboarding presentations and onsite tours were made virtually. This experiences increase the knowledge retained from trainings and is more motivated for employees to pay attention to the materials. A dashboard has been developed where the operator can control the experience and later export the results of the onboarding and trainings for employees.

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